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'arc x' signifies our unique collaboration model, where 'x' represents the intersection of our core mission with the distinctive talents of each team member. Under the 'arc x' banner, every practitioner brings their specialized skills, creating a personalized wellness experience that embodies the spirit and values of arc.


x amy

Yoga Instructor & Founder of arc

The heart behind arc, brings a gentle touch and genuine warmth to each yoga experience. Her passion for wellness infuses every gathering with a sense of joy and connection. With arc, she aims to create inclusive experiences that embrace yogis of all levels, fostering a space where everyone feels welcome to explore and grow.

x jody

Mindful Movement Specialist, Stress Management Coach & Author

Jody Perry breathes life into arc events through his unique blend of mindful movement and motivational wisdom. With a focus on cultivating deeper levels of focus and relieving stress, Jody's expertise enhances the arc experience, guiding individuals on transformative journeys toward inner peace and holistic well-being.


x jess

Physician, Yoga Instructor & Life Coach

Jess Chuang, harmonizing her medical expertise, yoga mastery, and harmonium melodies, curates transformative wellness experiences at arc. As a seasoned life coach, she empowers individuals to embark on profound journeys of self-discovery and holistic well-being.

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